Indian Empire Shield ready to roll

Polo in England is slowly adjusting to the new normal after hosting several smaller tournaments throughout June. This week, several important competitions are set to kick off, including the prestigious Indian Empire Shield.

The tournament begins on Tuesday, with the final scheduled for July 18th at Guards Polo Club. Seven 18 goal teams are set to compete. 


EMLOR: Spencer McCarthy 1, Max Charlton 5, Richard Tyrone 6, Juan Ambroggio 6. Total: 18.

KILDARE: Andrew Dechet 1, Charlie Hanbury 4, Tommy Beresford 6, Jack Richardson 7. Total: 18.

MT VIKINGS: Siri Bazzoni 0, TBC 4, George Meyrick 6, Sebastian Merlos 8. Total: 18.

POLO SCHOCKEMOHLE: Estelle Wagner 1, Patrick Maleitzke 4, Matt Perry 6, Jaime García Huidobro 7. Total: 18. 


BLACK BEARS: Guy Schwarzenbach 2, Will Harper 3, Juan Gris Zavaleta 7, Ollie Cudmore 6. Total: 18.

GARCHA HOTELS: Satinder Garcha 2, Michel del Carril 6, Hissam Ali Hyder 5, Felipe Dabas 5. Total: 18.

HURLINGHAM POLO 1875: Hugo Taylor 3, TBC, Ignacio Negri 6, Benjamín Urquiza 6. Total: 18.


Tuesday, June 30th:

2pm: MT Vikings vs Polo Schockemohle

Friday, July 3rd:

12pm: Emlor vs Kildare

Tuesday, July 7th:

12pm: Emlor vs Polo Schockemohle

Wednesday, July 8th:

12pm: Black Bears vs Hurlingham 1875

2pm: MT Vikings vs Kildare

Saturday, July 11th:

4pm: Black Bears vs Garcha Hotels

Sunday, July 12th:

1:30pm: Kildare vs Polo Schockemohle

Tuesday, July 14th:

1pm: MT Vikings vs Emlor

3pm: Garcha Hotels vs Hurlingham 1875

Thursday, July 16th:

1 & 3pm: Semifinals

11am: Subsidiary Semifinal

Saturday, July 18th:


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