International Polo Cup set to kick off action in Saint Tropez

On this unprecedented and challenging year, and after the french government authorized some weeks ago the practice of sports, Polo Club Saint Tropez announced on Thursday its first tournament of the season. The International Polo Cup, one of the main tournaments at the French Riviera’s club, will be kicking off on Friday July 10th.

A total of 4 teams up to 10 goals will be in participation. The finals are due on Sunday July 19th.


F POLO TEAM: Alshair Fiyaz 0, Tomas Joaquin 3, Martin Aguayo 3, Matías Nigoul 4.

BATTISTONI POLO TEAM: Alessandro Barnaba -1, Giordano Magini 1, Pierre Jauretche 3, Juan Jauretche 6.

AMANARA/ DARK ICE: Nicky Sen 0, Emmy Goddard-Watts -1, Juan Martin Garcia Laborde 4, Santiago Chavanne 7.

ADRENALINA LA BERTA: Bruno Bensoussan 0, Martijn Van Scherpenzeel 1, Juan Cruz Araya Martelli 3, Santiago Zubiaurre 6.


Open de Gassin: July 23 – August 2.

Côte d’Azur Cup: August 6-16.

Open du Soleil: August 20-30.

Gold Cup: September 3-13.

Coupe de l’hippocampe: September 17-27.

The club has announced that the activity will continue also in October.

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