“It is very important for us to provide certainty at such a challenging time”

As the polo season in England progresses, restrictions are lifting in other countries as well, namely in continental Europe, which means that the ball is starting to roll in countries like France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland, among others. Thanks to an agreement between Minuto Siete and Air France-KLM, Minuto Siete were able to take over 100 polo workers from Argentina to different destinations in Europe. 

“Minuto Siete is working hard to guarantee that those who have polo plans in Europe can fullfill their commitments, and we are are succeeding with that,” states Manuel Cereceda, CEO & Co-Founder of Minuto Siete. “It is very important for us to provide certainty at such challenging time, and let everybody know that, fortunately, action is back on. We are organising many things.”

This year has been very disruptive for the sport, but polo is bouncing back. The news coming out of many countries is encouraging. “We are currently working on the Saint Tropez calendar, so we are very happy,” continues Cereceda. “The outlook for the upcoming summer in Europe is very good. Saint Tropez, in the South of France, has a lot to offer, and no one should miss the opportunity to go to such a place.”

“We have a strong base in Saint Tropez, and a lot of activity all over Europe, too,” says Cereceda. “Fortunately, the borders are mostly open, so that makes everything easier. More polo workers are expected to arrive this week in Europe, through an Air France-KLM flight. So our presence in the European polo season will be strong. We are an international company and we are focused on providing the best service for those who are in Europe and looking for their best options when it comes to their polo.”

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