IV HSBC Women’s Polo Open Continues Today

Opening wins for La Dolfina Brava & El Overo Z7 UAE

On Monday 7 December, the IV HSBC Women’s Polo Open began, this year’s tournament sees six teams between 17 and 33 goals compete across two zones for a place in the Final which will be played on the same day as the 127th HSBC Argentine Open Final on Saturday 19 December in Palermo. 

The opening day saw La Dolfina Brava defeat El Metejón MJVH with an impressive 22-1 score, while the defending champions El Overo Z7 secured their first win of the tournament with an 18-2 victory against Araucaria. The action continues today with Don Urbano Nearside Polo Team vs Araucaria and Los Sauces vs El Metejon and on Saturday 12 December there will be two further matches with El Overo Z7 UAE vs Don Urbano Nearside Polo Team and La Dolfina Brava vs Los Sauces Unlimited Trade.

The Quarter Finals will be played on Monday 14 December and the Semi Finals on Wednesday 16 December ahead of the Final on Saturday 19 December. 

IV HSBC Women’s Polo Open Teams: 

Zone 1 

El Overo Z7 UAE (33): Clara Cassino (8), Milly Hine (5), Hazel Jackson Gaona (10) & Lia Salvo (10) 

Don Urbano Nearside (21): Camila Rossi (5), Rebecca Walters (5), Sol Lopez Llames (6) & Maitena Marre (5) 

Araucaria (17): Marina Galarza (4), Veronica Magnasco (4), Lucy Bowman (4) & Sofia Lorenzo (5) 

Zone 2

La Dolfina Brava (28): Mia Cambiaso (7), Milagros Fdez Araujo (7), Candelaria Fdez Araujo (8) & Fatima Balzano (6) 

Los Sauces (25): Milagros Sanchez (7), Jeanine Hugo Menendez (5), Jazmin Dupont (5) & Marianela Castagnola (8) 

El Metejon MJVH (17): Stephanie Haverhals (4), Sofia Sciutto (4), Mercedes Prario (4) & Annabel McNaught-Davis (5)  

Photograph: The IV HSBC Women’s Polo Open is underway. By Guadalupe Aizaga

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