Founded in 1882, Aiken Polo Club (APC) is one of the oldest and most historic clubs in the United States. Situated in the charming southern town and equestrian oasis of Aiken, South Carolina, this celebrated club has fielded quality polo for over a century. Magnificent live oak framed streets and horse-friendly orange clay roads provide a truly idyllic backdrop to their four polo fields, located in the heart of downtown. Aiken Polo Club is encouraging all interested teams to participate in their fall season. For more information, please email Polo Club Manager, Tiger Kneece at


Alan Corey (4 Goal): September 16-27
Southeastern Circuit Governor’s Cup (6 Goal): September 29-October 11
Aiken Women’s Challenge A-Flight (8- to 12-Goals): October 5-11
Aiken Women’s Challenge B-Flight (4- to 8-Goals): October 5-11
Southeastern Circuit General George S. Patton, Jr. (6 Goal): October 13-15
Jake Kneece Memorial (4 Goal): October 27-November 8


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