King’s Masters Cup kicked off; semifinals due on Friday

After the success of the Kings Polo Gold Cup, that took place last week in Egypt, a new tournament kicked off on Thursday, the Kings Masters Cup, that showcases four teams up to 10 goals. The competition is being played at Kings Polo Club, set in the outskirts of Cairo. In addition, four children lineups participate in the Juniors Masters Cup.

The finals of both the Kings Masters Cup and Juniors Masters Cup are scheduled on Saturday October 17. 

The summary of the opening day is as follows:

Kabnoury Ventures 4.5-4 OS Team

Mangroovy 6-5 Piramide


Kabnoury Ventures: Mostafa Kabbany 0, Mohamed Bassuni 1, Segundo Condesse 3, Eduardo Menéndez 5. Total: 9.

OS Team: Omar El Sewedy 0, Adel Abo Shady 0, Bautista Fanelli 3, Francisco Menéndez 6. Total: 9.

Mangroovy: Hussein Abozeid 0, Marwan El Afandy 1, Tomás Astelarra 3, Marcelo Pascual 5. Total: 9.

Piramide: Ahmed Wahby 0, Ibrahim Awadalla 0, Fernando Miño 5, Silvestre Fanelli 4. Total: 9.

The semifinals of the Kings Masters Cup will be held on Friday, and this is the order of play:

3pm: OS Team vs Mangroovy

4pm: Piramide vs Kabnoury Ventures


Mangroovy: Isabella Pascual Menéndez, Mansour El Sewedy, Félix Menéndez, Marcelo Pascual. 

La Familia: Sadek El Sewedy, Abdullah El Sewedy, Laila El Sewedy, Frankie Menéndez.

Kings Polo Team: Cruz Menéndez, Hamza El Sewedy, Vicente Pascual Menéndez, Eduardo Menéndez.

Piramide Team: Muhammad El Sherif, Mohamed El Mawardy, Ismail Awadalla, Silvestre Fanelli.

The Juniors Masters Cup is due to start on Friday:

1:30pm: Kings Polo vs Mangroovy 

2pm: Pirámide vs La Familia

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