La Dolfina Saudi Polo Team

La Dolfina Saudi Polo Team Revealed in Ground-breaking Partnership

Renowned Polo Team to Compete Under Saudi Brand in all Tournaments

Including the Argentine Open

Buenos Aires, October 22nd, 2020: Adolfo Cambiaso, the ten-goal handicapped founder of La Dolfina, today announced a continuation of his team’s association with Saudi Arabia, which will see them renamed as “La Dolfina Saudi Polo Team”.

The Argentine-based team, widely regarded as the most successful in the world, are the first international organization to display the new Saudi brand.

Cambiaso explained that his team’s association with Saudi Arabia began when he and his teammates, Pablo Mac Donough, David Stirling and Juan Martin Nero competed in the AlUla Desert Polo in January 2020 in the country’s first official polo tournament.

“We traveled to AlUla for the Desert Polo in January and were blown away by the ambition and passion for the sport from the Saudi Polo Federation” said Cambiaso.

“AlUla Desert Polo was an amazing event that introduced polo to Saudi Arabia but also helped the polo world to realize that Saudi is serious about its goals in the sport. AlUla is a UNESCO world heritage site, one of the most unique and beautiful locations I have ever played in and is certainly something I will never forget.”

Cambiaso and his La Dolfina Saudi Polo teammates, are now busy preparing for next month’s Argentine Open when they will take to the field in their new Saudi branded uniforms.

“We are honoured and excited to be part of Saudi Arabia’s polo journey and hope that we can assist the Saudi Polo Federation in fulfilling its aims. It is very exciting to see that already polo, a new sport in the country, is forming key parts of major real estate developments such as the AMAALA and is really being supported in the right way.”

Amr Zedan, chairman of Saudi Polo Federation said that aligning Saudi Arabia with the world’s most successful and well-known team would further raise the profile of the fledgling sport in the country.

“This is a very helpful and exciting partnership for us,” said Zedan, who is himself an international polo player and patron of Zedan Polo, a team based in Dubai. Working in close collaboration with the Royal Commission for AlUla, we were delighted to host La Dolfina in January this year and we look forward to bringing the team back to AlUla as La Dolfina Saudi Polo Team in 2021.”

Marco Villasboa Lanusse, manager of La Dolfina Saudi Polo Team said: “We have been working for a year with the Saudi Polo Federation in order to make this partnership become a reality and not only to help them develop the sport in the Kingdom but also to work with them on their vision to promote all types of sport in the country in line with Vision 2030.”

The official launch of the partnership will be broadcast on Directv Sports in Latin America, on Telefé International and on YouTube throughout the world on Saturday October 24th. It will also be part of a documentary film about Cambiaso.

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