Les Lions Panarea vs. Talandracas, an unforgettable match that’s worth to relive

Despite the spectacularity of the current edition of the Open de France, hosted by the Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly, what happened on Tuesday September 8 will remain forever in the eyes of all those who had the privilege to enjoy the unforgettable clash between Les Lions Panarea and Talandracas, with the Castagnola brothers, Barto and Camilo, either in the very same place through live streaming by PoloLine TV.

This is the first time the elder brother plays in Chantilly; for the youngest, it is his second round, as his first participation was back in 2017. From the first minute, Camilo displayed his usual animal skills, his goals, his quality, while Talandracas took an impressive lead. But Les Lions Panarea – to many, the strongest contender to win the title – slowly closed the gap, until they bounced back in the fourth chukka.

But in the middle, endless fast plays from both sides were coming and going, as a result of a thrilling and very tight match, that saw eight players on a spectacular ground who never dissappointed. Polo is a very special sport, that has very complicated rules; but when two teams who do want to play come in, it becomes an absolutely amazing sport. What Barto and Camilo Castagnola currently provide is just a a bit of what they are able to give to polo. That’s what everybody feel. Because they are far from having reached their highest level. Thinking about that, would mean to put a limit on them.

To say that the attendants to the match as well as those who watched it through PoloLine TV enjoyed an unforgettable moment, seems repetitive, but it is the truth. Camilo scored ten goals, Barto and Tommy Beresford produced seven goals apiece, in addition to the very good performances displayed by the remaining players – lethal combinations between Dillon Bacon and Barto Castagnola; between the latter and Beresford; between Fran Elizalde and Camilo Castagnola; a total of 28 goals in five chukkas. This match had absolutely everything. It was definetly worth to see.

No, here’s the chance to rewatch!


LES LIONS PANAREA: Aristide Faggionato 1, Dillon Bacon 2 (1 goal), Barto Castagnola 8 (7), Tommy Beresford 6 (7). Total: 17.

TALANDRACAS: Camilo Castagnola 7 (10 goals), Nick Rogerson 1, Francisco Elizalde 8 (3), Edouard Carmignac 0. Total: 16.

Score Les Lions Panarea: (0-1) 1-5, 4-9, 9-9, 13-12, 15-14.

Umpires: Rafael Silva & Nicolás Scortichini. 


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