Meditate, read Qur’an, ride horse: How aviation minister Sirika copes with Covid-19 crisis

Aviation minister and member of the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19, Hadi Sirika, has told Daily Trust how he manages to cope and discharge his official and social responsibilities amidst the coronavirus crisis. He told our correspondent in an exclusive interview that he has a mindset that once he took the job, to serve the public, he would be committed to do the best that he can do for the nation.

“And in the time that I find to unwind, I normally take a few minutes of my time to meditate, to read the Qur’an. I also use some opportunity to speak to my little children as I have two small children, below the age of 10. Then, if I have an hour to myself, I do normally go to ride a horse. “These are sort of things that I do to, you know, to just relax and unwind. But beyond that, when I [have] finished the prayers in the morning, and I have some minutes to spare, I do go to the gym, in my house for about 20 or 30 minutes, just to sweat a bit, The public life is very difficult to find time for oneself,” Sirika said.

When asked if there were times, he was afraid of contacting the virus and how he manages the fear of being exposed to areas and people who are highly vulnerable, he said the virus was not a death sentence and thus was not afraid of contacting the virus.

He said, “If I am destined to get the corona virus disease, I would get it but it is not the end of life. We have been told the etiquette to wash our hands and to keep social distancing. We do the best we can but we get it and it will probably be the price, I think in the service to humanity.

“However, I think once we get it, it is not the end of the world we go get treatment and get treated. You see so many people are getting it and are coming out of it. They went to hospital, isolation centre, and then they make it back to life. So, I believe that if I get it, I will go to the hospital and get cured, and if it is the cause of my death. I know that I have died for a very good cause.”

Proud Winner…., Minister of Aviation and Patron of Abuja Rubicon polo team Senator Hadi Sirika (far right), winners of the Centenary edition of the Georgian Cup, receives his coveted prize during the prize presentation ceremony of the 2019 Kaduna international polo tournament in October. [file photo]

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