Mumbai: Polo season commences at Amateur Riders’ Club

The Amateur Riders’ Club (ARC), a civilian horse riding and equestrian centre at Mahalaxmi racecourse, Mumbai, hosted the first match marking the opening of the Polo season on Tuesday.

The ARC New Year’s Cup (4 Goal Tournament) was held at the prestigious Amateur Riders’ Club.  Team ASC vs. V Polo and Topkhana vs. MKC Agro competed against each other wherein Team ASC (5 goals) and Team MKC Agro (9 goals) emerged victoriously.

The finals for this tournament will be held on Sunday. With the sudden halt of the polo season in March, owing to the Covid-19 induced lockdown, the club is all set to revive the season by hosting multiple tournaments throughout the season.

The season will witness participation from renowned names of the game like Rina Shah, Harsh Piramal, Shyam Mehta, Sunny Patel, Rahul Dwarkadas, and more along with foreign players like Santiago Obuina and Daniel Otamandi.

The club will be hosting all tournaments keeping in mind all standard operating procedures.

While professional matches were put on hold, polo enthusiasts kept their form up with privately sponsored arena matches at the ARC facility. These matches brought in passionate members from the community who brushed up their skills before the curtain came up on polo matches.  On polo matches commencing, President Shyam Mehta said: “After the premature termination of the Polo season in March, it was a pleasure to see the horses and players back on the field. It was challenging to hold the tournaments with the restrictions but the response has been overwhelming.”


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