Next Generation Defeat Monterosso to Set Prince of Wales Trophy Final

The final day of group play in the 2020 Prince of Wales featured a crucial match-up between Monterosso and Next Generation, with a win for Next Generation setting up a three-way tie at 2-0. Despite a persistent attack, Monterosso was unable to remain undefeated, falling 11-9 to Next Generation. 

Next Generation produced an efficient offence throughout the game, shooting an accurate 60% from the field and 71% from the penalty line to hold off a Monterosso team that generated more scoring opportunities. Jeronimo del Carril was exceptional for Monterosso, finishing with seven goals, but early foul trouble, along with a dynamic Next Generation offence that was organised by Adolfo Cambiaso resulted in a narrow 11-9 victory for Next Generation.

Four fouls in the opening chukka for Monterosso placed them in an early deficit as Next Generation shot a perfect 3 for 3 from the penalty line to build a 4-1 lead. Eager to close the gap, Monterosso kept Next Generation pinned in their own half, shooting at goal six times in the second chukka, yet converted just one of those opportunities to remain trailing by three. The continuous pressure of Monterosso eventually wore the Next Generation defence down, forcing them into two fouls, both of which were converted for penalty goals by del Carril. Adding two goals from the field, del Carril highlighted a four-goal chukka for Monterosso that brought the game into a 6-6 tie.

Setting a controlled pace, Adolfo Cambiaso directed play for Next Generation, scoring his second goal of the game, while also setting up son Poroto to push Next Generation back into a slim one-goal lead. A swift response from Monterosso in the fifth chukka gave them the opportunity to take the lead, but they converted just one of three attempts from the penalty line, while Adolfo Cambiaso utilised the pass to set-up two more goals for Poroto and enter the final chukka maintaining the one goal advantage. An impressive defensive effort in the final seven minutes kept Monterosso off the scoreboard, while a penalty conversion for David Stirling sealed the 11-9 victory. With the result, Park Place and Les Lions will meet in the Prince of Wales Trophy final on Wednesday.

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