Oak Brook Polo Club Welcomes Back Spectators for Sunday Matches

Oak Brook Polo Club is thrilled to announce the return of spectators for their 2020 summer season of matches through September. On Sunday, July 12th at 4:00 p.m., the prestigious Butler Challenge Cup presented by Celebrity Cruises will take place at the Prince of Wales Field (2606 York Road) with a limited capacity, tailgate-only audience.

In following the Illinois Governor’s Phase 4 Industry Guidelines of the Restore Illinois Plan, which was announced last week, the Oak Brook Polo Club immediately removed their signature game-day layout which consisted of the Saddle Club seated area, Grandstands and Field-Side Private Group Tents. Now, the field will be transformed into an “all-tailgate” spectator environment with social distancing enforced.

“Under Phase 4 of the Outdoor Seated Spectator Events Guidelines, issued by the IDCEO, we are allowed to operate at 20% capacity,” explains Danny O’Leary, Managing Director of Oak Brook Polo Club. “However, the capacity limit comes with strict social distancing and PPE mandates. This is largely the reason for transforming to an all-tailgate environment as it gives the Club the ability to better control when, where and how spectators choose to engage onsite at our events.”

The Club’s all-tailgate plan will be limited to a maximum of 70-80 parking spots or 35 to 40 vehicles per sideline. Each spot will be between 10-15 feet in length with a 12-15-foot buffer zone between each spot. A maximum of six guests per tailgate are allowed and must arrive in one vehicle upon entry. General parking will not be permitted onsite nor will shuttle services be offered. Vehicles will be assigned to a specific spot upon arriving. Guests of each tailgate will not be permitted to leave to their assigned spot unless to use the restroom or nearby handwashing and sanitizer station.

Any activity that does not efficiently promote social distancing has been removed for the safety of guests. This includes concessions, bars, sponsor displays, merchandising as well as the popular “divot stomp.” Other polo-themed activities will need to be viewed from a spectator’s assigned tailgate spot, including the team parade and awards ceremonies.

“I could not be more thrilled of the return of polo and spectators to Oak Brook,” adds Gopal Lalmalani, Village of Oak Brook President. The entire state has been growing impatient on the slow return to normalcy. Residents now have a reason to get out of the house and enjoy the summer with family and close friends. I cannot think of a better way to spend a summer afternoon than at an Oak Brook Polo match.”Subscribe

Oak Brook Polo’s remaining 2020 summer schedule includes the following matches with pending special events:

  • July 12th, Butler Challenge Cup
  • July 26th, Oak Brook Polo Open
  • August 2nd, Cecil Smith Cup
  • August 16th, Chicago Polo Open
  • August 30th, Illinois Players Cup
  • September 13th, USPA NYTS National Championships
  • September 20th, Drake Challenge Cup
  • September 27th, USPA Butler International Cup

For information on rules & regulations, ticket offerings or general questions, please visit www.oakbrookpoloclub.com.

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