Polo club to royalty embroiled in ‘toxic’ fallout between owners and members

A formerly devoted member has ‘had it up to here’ with the operations at the club

The Ham Polo Club, London’s last remaining club, is synonymous with the Princes and all the glamour that comes with the ultimate in flashy equestrian sports. It’s where Greta Bellamancina and friends gathered for a charity polo match and auctioned off an Amanda Wakeley dress sported by a guest in the guise of Lady Godiva for £40,000.

But now, there is trouble in paradise, as ahead of the polo season even starting, the fencing outside the club in Richmond is reportedly festooned with signs listing the names of the club’s hierarchy and juxtaposing them with crude insults like ‘disgusting’ and ‘toxic’. Then, alongside, Sebastian Shakespeare in the Daily Mail reports there is an additional sign reading: ‘Where is RBS and Members’ Money?’

A formerly devoted club member, Sean McCormac, 81, describes what has become of the club as ‘frankly disgusting behaviour’. He takes issue with the replacement of the club’s long serving catering firm, Hunt Kendall, and suggests that the club’s members have been maltreated and ‘left without voting rights’.

McCormack wants to know what has happened to a £150,000 loan from RBS for renovating the grounds, and warns that he will mount what he describes as ‘a peaceful protest every playing Sunday’ – so week in, week out.

McCormack rounds off his tirade saying, ‘I am now 81 years old and never thought I would see the day when this club was being run by a collection of such narcissistic, selfish and incompetent individuals’.

The club, which charges playing members £2,500 a year has declined to comment on the accusations.

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