Polo knocked off-stride

The sport of polo has been dealt a knockout punch by the deadly coronavirus COVID-19 just when it was attracting sell-out crowds at various venues.

“A knockout blow – we were in the peak of our season. We were on the verge of starting four weeks at Water Hall and Apes Hill [polo clubs] when we had to cut and send all the horses out to paddock, grooms home and shut down,” polo pioneer Sir Charles Williams lamented.

He said the cancellation of the season due to COVID-19 will hurt the bottom line.

“Employment, foreign exchange suffered because polo is a good tourist attraction and we were looking for a good year. A team from New Zealand, a team from England, and one from [United States of] America all cancelled [tours],” he revealed. (AT)

* Sir Charles Williams says polo has been hit hard by COVID-19 when the sport was at its peak. (FP)

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