POLO Rider Cup: VIP Hospitality Experience already available

Following the suspension of the 2020 edition due to the COVID-19 pandemic, GAME Polo worked alongside the Federation of International Polo (FIP), the French Polo Federation, and the Polo Club de Chantilly, to reschedule the POLO Rider Cup for June 10-20, 2021.

The first edition of the event promises to be one of the highlights of the year, offering a unique polo experience. For that, GAME Polo announced that has teamed up with Daimani for the sales of the VIP Hospitality Experience of the POLO Rider Cup, at the Polo Club of  Chantilly, north of Paris. All VIP Hospitality packages for all games can be booked now on  the POLO Rider Cup website or on the Daimani website.

Benoit Perrier, CEO & Co-Founder of GAME Polo, comments: “Daimani was an obvious choice, as they offer a great platform to reach VIP customers and offer them the best VIP Hospitality experience for the POLO Rider Cup. We are very pleased to be able to count on Daimani to offer the greatest polo experience!”

Max Muller, CEO of Daimani, comments: “The opportunity to work with GAME Polo is a great honor for DAIMANI. On behalf of my colleagues, it is a privilege to introduce your exceptional packages to our discerning clients over our Daimani platform.  Although the final selection of teams is not confirmed, teams are likely to come from as far afield as France, Spain, Russia, the UK and German-speaking territories. Daimani is the only selling platform that offers official VIP Hospitality packages in all of these languages, and several more besides, making it easier than ever for polo fans and anyone wanting the very best in official VIP Hospitality to simply click and buy.”

Photo credit Evelina Jakovlevskaja

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