Polo: The Sport of Princes and Kings

Under the auspices of the embassy of Argentina, and in attendance of the Argentinian Ambassador Eduardo Antonio Varelo, the exhibition polo match was held in Egypt on the Kings Polo Club grounds on Saturday, 28 November.

The two competing teams were Kings Black with its players Mohamed El Sewedy, The Argentinian Pro Pedro Pinasco, Mohamed Bassiouny, Mohanad El Afandy, and Marawan El Afandy, and the competing team: Kings White with its players Ibrahim Awadalla, The Argentinian Pro Marcelo Pascual, Ahmed Wahby, Ahmed Abouzeid, and Hussein Abouzeid.

The match ended with a win for the Kings White team which snatched a hard-fought 9-8 victory.

The sport of Polo has been historically considered the game of Princes and Kings, as it is one of the most expensive sports.

The Persians created this sport and it spread in Egypt, India, China, Levant, and Japan.

The horse is replaced by another one after every chukker which extends for seven and a half minutes, and a single horse doesn’t play more than two rounds in one game in order to preserve its life due to the hardship, violence, and speed of the competition.

The single game consists of six or eight rounds for the pros, and four rounds in minor competitions, and each team consists of four players only.

The Egyptian Polo League ( Under the auspices of the Egyptian Polo Association) started its first session last October and extends till the end of November on various polo grounds across Egypt, while its second session will begin in February 2021 and continues till the end of April.

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