“Pressure should be an incentive; I like it”

RS Murus Sanctus have attracted more attention than any other team so far this Argentine season, thanks to their solid start and fluid playing style. This is Facundo Sola’s ninth participation at Palermo, but this year is very different for him. His team, RS Murus Sanctus, is a tribute to his father, the unforgettable Rubén, and marks the presence of the French organisation the Sola’s have been linked to for years.

Facundo Sola welcomed PoloLine TV to his stables, to talk about the Argentine Open and the team’s expectations in the Open:

“When we put this team together, our goal was to make it work as fast as possible, but we obviously never thought we could be able to work so well in such a little time.”

“The good thing is that we are all playing in our natural positions and we know exactly what to do. We all have limitations, and we all want to play well. In terms of horses, we are all organising ourselves better, and that helps a lot.”

“Matches have to be played, and Palermo is Palermo. I think we have a very good team, so the idea is to take it chukka by chukka, match by match, and hope that everything flows.”

“We have a very tough match ahead, against La Natividad Las Monjitas. It will be a tough game. We already faced them in a good match in Tortugas. Then, we play the two Irenita teams, two good lineups in their first year together. And finally, La Dolfina, with the full lineup. Our aim is to take the tournament step by step, but the match against La Natividad will be very special, for sure.”

“Corinne is very happy, she has a team playing the Open for the first time, and we have already qualified for a final. She is very satisfied, she loves every minute of it, and she aims to improve and continue. It was a dream she had with my father, having a team play the Open, having horses playing the Open.”

“I am very happy that I have all this. All the work implied behind this, my father worked all his life for this, to have all that we have now. I am very happy with the horses my father left me, with Corinne’s support; and of course, the support of my family, who are always looking out for me.”

“To be known, to have your horses recognised – that is a result of all the work done,  and it is an incredible joy. I can’t say more than that.”

“I think you have to take the pressure as an incentive. I don’t believe that pressure discourages you. It is always nice that people expect something good from you; and that’s because they appreciate you, they know you can do much more. Pressure should be a good incentive, something which helps you improve; and I like it”.


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