Robert Skene Memorial Trophy

SANTA BARBARA, CA. (July 12th, 2020) . This past Sunday held the second round of play in
the Robert Skene Memorial Trophy. All four games were competitive and riveting to watch –
with two of them going into overtime. The highlight game for this week matched up Farmers and
Merchants and FMB Too!, the two Walker brothers.

Farmers and Merchants Bank scored the first goal of the game off a beautiful penalty shot, but
FMB Too! was fired up and retaliated with three quick field goals, two from Santi Wulff and one
from young Joaquin Avendano. The second chukker demonstrated even play with very few fouls
and two matching goals from each team. The third chukker mimicked this style of play with few
fouls and even goal scoring again between both teams. This finished the first half at an attainable
score of 6-4.

Felipe Vercillino changed the game in the fourth chukker by scoring four goals – one penalty and
three impressive field goals. At this point Pipe was the offensive powerhouse of the game
scoring all eight of FMB’s goals. The rest of the team put up good defense as well, keeping FMB
Too! at bay with only one goal from Santi Wulff. The fifth chukker toned down with goal
scoring, but had plenty of near misses and the ball moved along the field the entire time. The
game really came down to the wire in the last chukker. The two teams exchanged goals all
chukker – then in the last minute, Santi Wulff scored a miracle goal to tie it up and send the game
into overtime.

Overtime almost finished in a blink, with Rodriguez putting the ball through the posts but not
without getting a foul blown. Play started again and the two teams were out for blood. Finally,
after nearly a full chukker, Joaquin became the hero for FMB Too! and scored the golden goal to
make a final score of 13-12.

Robert Skene matches

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