Royal Berkshire Polo Club to continue controversial work

WINKFIELD residents who have ‘suffered’ from eight years of works carried out at a polo ground frequently visited by Princes William and Harry will have to endure another five months of “intolerable” disruption.

This comes after Bracknell Forest councillors agreed to give bosses at the Royal Berkshire Polo Club an extension to their deadline to level out a field and remove a haul road at the North Street ground.

Wet weather has meant it has not been safe for builders to carry out work at the site since November 2019 so site managers said they needed until 31 October 2020 to complete the project.

But this means more noise and disruption for neighbours who have had to put up with the works for eight years.

Royal Borough Observer:

One resident who objected to the plans wrote: “These works have continued to cause nuisance and distress to local residents of North Street and Crouch Lane since 2012.”

In total, seven neighbours objected to the plans. Some of them complained about the disruption they have put up with in recent years.

One commented: “The disturbance suffered by the temporary haul road behind our property has caused much stress.

“My family and I have really had enough now. The applicants have no consideration for the local residents and have only prioritised their commercial gains.”

Most of the objections raised concerns about damage caused to nearby roads, however.

Royal Borough Observer:

Another neighbour added: “The number of trucks speeding down North Street is intolerable as it is and continuing for longer will be unacceptable in my view.

“The sheer number of trucks also creates damage to the road surface and the entire area is covered by huge amounts of dirt on the road, signage, fences and general surroundings.”

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Despite these concerns and other worries raised by Winkfield Parish Council, officers at Bracknell Forest Council said the plans should go ahead as it is “of particular importance the project is completed within the extended timeframe.”

Councillor Moira Gaw, a ward member for Winkfield and Cranbourne, said: “I recognise work needs to continue at the polo ground to complete what is outstanding.

Royal Borough Observer:

“Hopefully that will be taken forward in a timely manner.

“Notwithstanding this, I would like to put on record that local residents have really had enough of this operation.

“A total of eight years of consecutive work has been excessive and has taken its toll.”

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