Runaway horse stuns road users in Bukit Timah; it was recaptured within 15 minutes

SINGAPORE — People in Bukit Timah came across an unusual sight on Sunday (April 5) afternoon: A galloping white horse out on the road.

In a video that has been shared widely on social media, Facebook user Bebe Joelle managed to capture the creature as it trods along Eng Neo Avenue, much to the delight of the passengers in the car.

The video of the white horse on Singapore’s urban roads has had close to 9,000 shares on Facebook, with some users commenting that the mammal is “probably running away from its problems”.

Others said that “animals are coming out (now that) humans will be locked up”.

It was later established that the horse is from the Paisano Polo Academy, which is situated along Turf Club Road.

In response to TODAY’s queries, the National Parks Board (NParks) said that the Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS) got in touch with the Paisano Polo Academy as soon as it was notified of the incident.

“The horse had escaped from the academy’s arena and was running along Eng Neo Avenue this afternoon,” said deputy director at AVS, Dr Alwyn Tan. Staff from the academy managed to retrieve the horse within 15 minutes of its escape, he added.

Dr Tan said that the AVS is investigating the incident and working with the polo academy on measures to prevent recurrence of the escape.

“Our vets have examined the animal and found it to be in good health,” he added.

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