Santa Barbara gets ready for the Pacific Coast Open semifinals

Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club is hosting one of the main tournaments of their polo season: the Pacific Coast Open. This time the tournament features eight teams up to 16 goals in participation, divided in two Leagues. After the qualifying stages, the competition is all set for the semifinals, to be played on Friday. The finals are scheduled for Sunday, August 30th.

The order of play for the Pacific Coast Open semifinals is the following:


11am: Klentner Ranch vs Antelope

4pm: Santa Clara vs


KLENTNER RANCH: Geronimo Obregon 5, Jesse Bray 6, Marcos Alberdi 4, Justin Klentner 1.

ANTELOPE: Grant Palmer 0, Matt Coppola 4, Matias Torres Zavaleta 7, Santi Trotz 4.

SANTA CLARA: Francisco Escobar 0, Luis Escobar 4, Lucas Escobar 3, Santiago Toccalino 8. Ben Soleimani 0, Jason Crowder 6, Iñaki Laprida 7, Remy Muller 3.

FMB: Alonso Andrade 1, Felipe Vercellino 6, Lucas Criado 7, Danny Walker 2.

DUNDAS: Sarah Magness 0, Mariano Fassetta 4, Santi Torres 7, Roberto Zedda 5.

FMB Too!: Henry Walker 2, Joaquin Avendaño 2, Santi Wulff 5, Felipe Marquez 7.

LUCCHESE: Nico Escobar 4, Facundo Obregon 6, Jeff Hall 6, John Muse 0.

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