Sheikhoo Warriors in main polo final

LAHORE: Sheikhoo Warriors qualified for the main final and Athar’s Marketing Champions earned a place in the subsidiary final after winning their respective matches of the U Micro Finance LPC Super League 2020 here at the Lahore Polo Club ground on Thursday.

In the first two-chukker match played among three teams – Sheikhoo Warriors, Remington Stars and AR|PR-Sakuf United — under American system, Sheikhoo Warriors emerged as winners. First Sheikhoo Warriors outsmarted AR|PR-Sakuf United 6-2 1/2 and then they routed Remington Stars 4-2 to confirm their place in the main final. Remington Stars defeated AR|PR-Sakuf United, 8- 1/2.

The second two-chukker match was played among Athar’s Marketing Champions, Black Horse Paints Fighters and Nagina Group and after a tough fight, Athar’s Marketing emerged as winners and booked berth in the subsidiary final. First they toppled Nagina Group 6-1 and then thumped Black Horse Paints Fighters by 4-1 ½.

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