Tenacious Polo Cup reaches semifinals stage

LAHORE      –        The rain-hit Tenacious Polo Cup 2020 reached the semifinals stage as the matches were decided on penalty shootouts here at the Lahore Polo & Country Club (LP&CC) on Wednesday.

The first two days of the event were washed out by rain while due to wet conditions, full-fledged matches couldn’t take place and were decided on penalty shootouts. In the first match of the day, Artema Medical/Black Horse Paints thumped FG Polo Team 6-3. From the winning side, only two penalties were missed while the losing side missed five penalties. The second match was won Diamond Paints Blue as they edged out Master Paints 8-7. Diamond Paints Blue converted all the eight penalties while Master Paints missed only one.

In the third match, Barry’s beat BN Polo Team 8-7 as the winning side succeeded in scoring all penalties while the losing team just missed one penalty. In the fourth match, Monnoo Polo Team defeated AOS Polo Team by 6-4, Tetra Pak defeated Artema Medical/Black Horse Paints 7-6 in the fifth match while Barry’s outpaced Diamond Paints White 7-6 in the sixth and last match of the day.

Tomorrow (Friday), the first semifinal will be played between Tetra Pak and Diamond Paints Blue at 2:00 pm while Barry’s will vie against Monnoo Polo in the second semifinal at 3:00 pm at LP&CC. On Saturday, the losing sides of Pool A including FG Polo Team, Artema Medical/Black Horse Paints and Master Paints will vie against each other in two-chukker matches at Cavalry Polo Ground for subsidiary final while Pool B sides including AOS Polo Team, BN Polo Team and Diamond Paints Whites will vie against each other in two-chukker matches at Fortress Stadium.

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