Tentative date for the start of the Argentine Triple Crown: October 24

A couple of weeks ago, and with the protocols already approved, it was agreed that the Tortugas Open would begin on October 20, in the event the government would authorise the activity. Following a meeting between the authorities of the Argentine Polo Association and the Province of Buenos Aires, that took place on Tuesday October 13, a new tentative date to the kickoff of polo has been set – Saturday October 24. Therefore, and at the moment these lines are written, the Tortugas Open would run through October 24-31-

However, it is worth to notice that it must to be defined a date to the ressumption of the local football tournament, which would be the last step polo needs begin. According to a survey made by this media, football in Argentina would resume perhaps on Friday October 30. Overall, it is quite positive for this sport, not only because international matches have been held – playoffs for the World Cup Qatar 2022 and the Copa Libertadores de América, but also some friendly games have been played behind closed doors in the latest weeks, and even some of them have been televised.

Going back to polo, and despite all the current uncertainty, some strict demands are being noticed with regards to both the hygiene and security protocols and the people who could be eventually able to attend a match. “It is an unusual year, no doubts. But there are a lot of goodwill from everybody to have the season, we are trying to adjust all the details, and understand what’s all about the best as possible. It is a very complicated moment, but we hope we can play, so we’re calmly waiting for the moment to start”, Eduardo Novillo Astrada told PoloLine.

Indeed, there are as many scenarios as possible, but optimism prevails to make it happen. The teams due to play the Triple Crown are currently holding practices, and they are all very aware that the green light to kick off can be announced overnight. At the same time, they know they are the ones with the biggest chances to complete the calendar as soon as polo begins.

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