Thai Polo Cup: La Trinidad and Infinit Polo get closer to the semifinals

A new triple matchday for the VII Thai Polo Cup Argentina took place on Saturday at Thai Polo Club Argentina, located in General Rodríguez. The tournament, established as one of the most prestigious private competitions of the spring season in Argentina, features eight teams up to 14 goals in this occasion. 

At the fourth matchday of action this Saturday Amadeus scored its first win in the competition, La Trinidad remain unbeaten with two wins, while Infinit Polo defeated Nuestra Tierra and looks very good into the future of the tournament.

The final is scheduled for Friday, December 11th.

Matchday – Saturday December 5th:


AMADEUS: Robert Kofler 0, Koko Kofler 0, Santiago Marambio 6, Bautista Bayugar 8. Total: 14.

SEALINK POLO: Nikolaos Kosmatos 0, Alfonso Robirosa 1, Facundo Fernandez Llorente 7, Horacio Fernandez Llorente 6. Total: 14.


LA TRINIDAD: Lorenzo Metro 0, Bautista Beguerie 4, Matías Benoit 6, Martín Joaquín 4. Total: 14.

LA FIJA SANTA CREPA: Tomás Máiquez 4, Sasha Hauptmann 2, Miguel Olivera 3, Martin Gandara 5. Total: 14.


INFINIT: Francisco Lopez Godoy 0, Ayrton Brunett 3, Manuel Gimenez Villamil 4, Juan Cruz Merlos 6. Total: 13.

NUESTRA TIERRA: Ariel De Lafuente 1, Daniel Ruiz 1, Marcelo Amadeo Y Videla 4, Alejandro Muzzio 8. Total: 14.

Action for the VII Thai Polo Cup will continue on Sunday, December 6th:

4pm: Air France KLM vs Campanulata

AIR FRANCE KLM: Louis Hine 1, Ned Hine 3, Manuel Sundblad 5, Simón Prado 5. Total: 14.

CAMPANULATA: Eitan Koren 0, Félix Esaín 4, Benjamin Urquiza 6, Lucas Criado Jr. 3. Total: 13. 

THAI POLO CUP: Fixture & Teams


Set in more than 2,000 rai (or about 250 hectares) of picturesque grounds to the east of Pattaya, just 90 minutes or so drive from the capital, Bangkok, the Thai Polo & Equestrian Club is arguably a unique facility in all Asia and Australasia.

Boasting three full-sized, international-standard polo playing fields as well as two practice grounds, and stabling for more than 250 horses, the Thai Polo & Equestrian Club opened in 2005, although it was initially called, simply, the Thai Polo Club. This changed a few years later when the equestrian facilities were added to the mix. 

The brainchild of polo enthusiasts Harald Link (President of the South-east Asian Equestrian Federation) and Mrs Nunthinee Tanner (considered the first female polo player in Thailand), the Thai Polo & Equestrian Club has grown in size and stature in recent years. The number of enthusiasts has grown steadily over the past decade or so, and the Club now has around 80 horses available for members and guests.

Over the years the club has attracted many local and international players. The Thai Polo Open, sponsored by B. Grimm, takes place every January and attracts between six and eight teams.


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