The Championnat de France awaits for its finalists

One of French polo’s most competitive, intense and vibrant tournamens is underway both at Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly and Polo de Paris: the Championnat de France. The two top teams of each league qualify to semifinals, which are played in a corossed way: Pairs’ first seeded against Chantilly’s second and vice versa.

A total of 8 teams up to 8 goals are taking part in Chantilly while Bagatelle hosts a total of 6. The competition started on September 26th and will come to an end on Sunday, October 4th, in Bagatelle. On the other hand, the semifinals will take place this Saturday in Chantilly. 

The order of play for Saturday’s semifinals is the following:

2:30PM, SEMIFINAL 1: LA SIERRA (Zone París) vs OMEDIA PARIS / BLACK MAMBA (Zone Chantilly)

LA SIERRA: Cyril Brulé, Caroline Anier, Simon Zavaleta, Edouard Pan.

OMEDIA PARIS / BLACK MAMBA: Jérôme Hue, Christophe Garaud, Florent Garaud, Nacho Kennedy.

4PM, SEMIFINAL 2: MUNGO (Zone Chantilly) vs SAINTE MESME (Zone París) 

MUNGO: Ulysse Eisenchteter, Patrick Eisenchteter, Lukas Sdrenka, Pierre-Henri N’Goumou.

SAINTE MESME: Robert Strom, Birger Strom, Louis Jarrige, Victor Louarn.

The Championnat de France final is due on Sunday at Bagatelle.

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