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Both American polo and polo around the world will soon experience a huge and positive change following the creation of Global Polo Entertainment (GPE). By all accounts, this is an ambitious television broadcasting project centered around polo. CLICKPOLOUSA spoke with David Cummings, president and CEO of Global Polo Entertainment, as well as Chairman of the Board for USPA Global Licensing, to learn more about this new video platform.

“It is a two-part project, a new production department that will feed an elevated viewing platform, Over the last four to five years, the United States Polo Association (USPA) has livestreamed approximately 100 to 130 games per year on their websiteYouTubeTwitter and Facebook. The videos on these platforms were used primarily to create promotional, marketing (videos, sizzle reels, advertising spots) and social media content for the sport worldwide.”

“Under the oversight of Global Polo Entertainment Inc., a production department was formed to archive, edit, produce and expand on the marketing content we are creating. To expand the bandwidth of GPE’s production department, we have engaged with Inside Polo’s Javier Herrera and his team to assist in collecting game footage, fieldside interviews and other lifestyle and social activities. Javier’s responsibilities also include assisting the USPA in coordinating and refining the games that are livestreamed daily.”

“Along with the expansion of the production department, GPE and the USPA have developed a Global Polo Network TV channel. This is a new TV format aired over the internet to feature a new weekly polo highlight show, daily livestreamed games, condensed versions of game highlights, along with other polo content regarding the sport, global news, lifestyle, short films, broadcasts and archived games. Tune in to for livestreamed games starting with all of the GAUNTLET OF POLO™ matches played at the International Polo Club Palm Beach in Wellington, Florida, and on the U.S. Polo Assn. stadium field on Sundays.”

The new platform has been created to not only promote the highly anticipated GAUNTLET OF POLO™, which in it’s inaugural year fielded 16 teams and will have 14 teams in 2020, but it has also been created to capitalize on the USPA’s investment in USPA livestreamed games. David Cummings continues, “with the collaboration of ChukkerTV’s technical expertise, USPA’s oversight and GPE’s management, I am confident the quality of games livestreamed will improve. Adding a weekly highlight show with abbreviated daily games should be a big hit.”

David Cummings

David Cummings has a goal to create the premier destination to watch polo and acquire polo news. “Our objective is to eventually commercialize this content to offset the cost of production as livestreaming is very expensive. This can be done in several ways, but first, we must get more control over the content which we have, and this we are doing. For example, outside photographers and cameramen are not allowed access to filming our games unless they are pre-approved and use the content for editorial purposes. Our goal is to provide the best resolution to view the game in 4K and HD. An Over the Top (OTT) platform has this advantage versus a traditional website. As we build our content and expand our services, we will require a subscription fee, but this year access will be free.”

David shares that, “by controlling our content, advancing our production capabilities and narrowing our distribution, the sport of polo will grow in popularity. The Associations can benefit financially and this collaboration will eventually entice more people to watch and play the sport. That is why we are building a global site to provide one place for everyone to view content worldwide.”

American polo has an abundant amount of exposure and is growing at a rapid pace. “It is growing because 1) polo has become more accessible, 2) our marketing efforts of the GAUNTLET OF POLO™ has put polo on the map, not to mention that we broadcast the U.S. Open Polo Championship® annually, both domestically and internationally to four million viewers, and 3) the World Polo League (WPL) has raised awareness of polo in South Florida. All of these activities have had a significant economic impact on the state of Florida, especially Palm Beach County.”

Online spectators are encouraged to visit for all USPA livestreamed games, as well as a multitude of videos ranging from game highlights to short films.

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