The ideal horse string, by Palm Beach Equine Clinic

Set within the heart of Wellington, Palm Beach Equine Clinic has developed a well deserved reputation that goes beyond words. With more than 30 years in the market, they are truly renowned on ensuring the health of the horse, not only in polo, but also in other equestrian disciplines. One of the main mottos on the clinic’s website reads: “Our goal is to maintain happy, healthy horses throughout their sporting career”. Palm Beach Equine Clinic (PBEC) is comprised by more than 30 veterinarians, and each of them work on specific medical branches. In addition, the clinic’s facilities include an equine hospital and a U.S. Department of Agriculture approved quarantine unit.

One of the biggest advantages of PBEC is their advanced center for equine reproduction. In order to provide the best breeding services, they acquired the services of Dolfina Popular (Dolfina Cuartetra x Durazno) and Dolfina Cuatetazo (Dolfina Cuartetera x Aiken Cura clon), two of the most remarkable stallions from La Dolfina.

Dolfina Cuartetazo

Dolfina Popular

PBEC’s reproduction center has been providing innovative breeding and reproduction services for a long time. PBEC continues to improve by making  important investments in their facilities in order to have the most advanced technologies available.

The clinic offers a wide range of breeding and reproduction services for stallions and mares. Through specific care and advanced practices, Palm Beach Equine Clinic maximizes the possibilities of a successful pregnancy.

There are many aspects to consider when it comes to a proper functioning of the reproduction and breeding services. Among others, it is vital for an accurate diagnosis to have the most advanced technology and knowledgeable professionals for the best approach.

PBEC exceeds all the necessary requirements for both a perfect horse string and your next big one, providing the most delicate care and focusing on every detail.

PBRC Diagnostic imaging

PBEC radiography

One of the most advanced technologies at PBEC is called SCA® CASA (assisted computed sperm analysis). This provides an excellent way to improve a stallion’s semen quality, the development of his sperm, the level of concentration, as well as other several crucial features in order to achieve a higher margin of success. Another technologic advantage PBEC offers is a hydraulic phantom mare for collecting stallion semen. The phantom mare can be automatically raised higher or lowered to perfectly adjust to each stallion’s height.

Dr. Katie Atwood, a PBEC veterinarian with a special interest in reproduction and fertility, performs embryo transfer services for many top clients in the polo, dressage, and jumping disciplines. “Embryo transfer allows mares to produce multiple foals per year, and also allows that mare to remain in competition. Horses can enjoy long, healthy competition careers and still create the talent of the future through embryo transfer.”

Palm Beach Equine Clinic has been represented within high goal polo in the United States. And such is so that the team captained by Dr. Scott Swerdlin, the President of the PBEC, claimed the 2020 Joe Barry Cup, played at International Polo Club Palm Beach, close to the clinic.

Develop and achieve the ideal horse string, applying the most innovative breeding and fertility services. That’s what you will find at Palm Beach Equine Clinic.

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