The Ladies Polo Foundation Scholarship

Annie Woodhead to visit South Africa
The Ladies Polo Foundation (LPF) have announced they have been able to offer a scholarship to Annie Woodhead, who will be travelling to South Africa to the Brokensha family.Due to unforeseen circumstances the HPA were unfortunately unable to offer any scholarships to ladies in 2020 so the LPF were happy to be able to step in and help out.

Annie Woodhead is 23-years-old and has ridden since she was three-years-old and started playing polo 10 years ago with the Pony Club.Since leaving school Annie has spent three years working in polo resorts and played in various countries including Spain and Argentina. Annie remains a member Cirencester Park Polo Club and currently plays with a handicap of 0 goals. 

Photograph: Annie Woodhead has been offered a scholarship to South Africa. Courtesy of The Ladies Polo Foundation

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