The POLO Rider Cup unveils its trophy

The POLO Rider Cup trophy is a Medicis vase with two gryphon-shaped handles. Made in the early 2000s by master goldsmith Eric Mellerio, creator of prestigious trophies such as the Ballon d’Or, Roland Garros and the Cravache d’Or.

Who will be the first club to lift the POLO Rider Cup trophy on June 20, 2021?

About M Trophy (
Coming from a family of goldsmiths at the origin of prestigious Trophies (Ballon d’Or, Roland Garros Cup, Golden Cravache d’Or, amongst others), Eric Mellerio now heads the M.Trophy workshops, launched in 2019, in order to respond to requests for exclusive and original creations in the field of sporting events.

His workshops, located not far from Paris, allow him to create and produce pieces reconnecting with the classic art of goldsmithing, as well as designer and contemporary pieces using the latest laser cutting technologies.

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