Tortugas Open: La Dolfina teams to clash in semifinals

The Tortugas Open, the first leg of the Argentine Triple Crown, resumed on Monday with two games at the Alfredo Lalor grounds of the Argentine Association of Polo, in Pilar. La Dolfina Saudi and La Dolfina Polo Ranch emerged as winners, meaning that the two Cañuelas-based teams qualified for the semifinals along Sunday’s winners Ellerstina and RS Murus Sanctus

The first match of the day was particularly exciting as all eyes were on Poroto Cambiaso, who, at 14-years old, became the youngest player ever to participate in the Triple Crown. La Ensenada La Aguada also welcomed a newcomer: Segundo Bocchino. As expected, the game was dominated by Adolfo Cambiaso’s organisation.

Halfway into the match, Pelón Stirling had to leave the field due to an injury. He was replaced by Tomasito Fernández Llorente. This was more bad luck for La Dolfina, who already have two players out of action: Juan Martín Nero and Pablo MacDonough. But the team continued as strong as ever, and went on to claim an impressive 13-4 win. 

The second match saw the return of Mariano Aguerre as a player for Los Machitos after a three year absence. Los Machitos took on La Dolfina Polo Ranch – the only team to maintain the same lineup as in 2019. La Dolfina Polo Ranch showed why they qualified third in the final standings of 2019 by showing their best team play. They defeated Los Machitos by a six goal difference and qualified for the semifinals against La Dolfina Saudi. The last time these two teams faced each other was in the 2019 league decider at Palermo. But a lot has changed since then! 


La Dolfina Saudi: Adolfo Cambiaso 10 (4 goals, 1 on penalties), Poroto Cambiaso 6 (3), David Stirling 10 (2) (Injured, replaced by Tomasito Fernández Llorente 7 (1 goal) at 4:51 of fourth chukker), Rodrigo Andrade 8 (3). Total: 34.

La Ensenada/La Aguada: Segundo Bocchino 6 (3 goals), Alfredo Bigatti 8, Matías Torres Zavaleta 8, Jerónimo Del Carril 7 (1 on penalties). Total: 29.

Score La Dolfina Saudi: 0-1, 3-1, 7-1, 7-3, 7-4, 10-4, 13-4.

Umpires: Gastón Lucero & Rafael Silva.          

Third man: Esteban Ferrari.

BPP Polo Argentino: Caña Monjita Coronada (Dolfina Cuarteto x Chapaleufú Tapera), played by Adolfo Cambiaso.

Nominees: Ve Ocho Maga (Open Iluminado x Ilusión), played by Poroto Cambiaso. 


La Dolfina Polo Ranch: Guillermo Terrera 8 (2 goals), Juan Britos 8 (3), Diego Cavanagh 9 (6, 3 on penalties, 1 of them through Penalty 1), Jejo Taranco 8 (1). Total: 33.

Los Machitos: Agustín Merlos 8 (1 penalty), Cubi Toccalino 8 (2), Mariano Aguerre 7 (1) (Injured, replaced by Martín Aguerre 7 (1 goal) in the fifth chukker), Santiago Toccalino 8 (1). Total: 31.

Score La Dolfina Polo Ranch: 2-1, 4-2, 6-3, 11-3, 12-3, 12-3, 12-6.

Umpires: Matías Baibiene and Martín Pascual.

Third Man: Esteban Ferrari.

BPP Polo Argentino: Dolfina Cora (Durazno x Small Pearson), played by Diego Cavanagh. 

The Tortugas Country Club Open resumes on Thursday with the semifinals:

11am, Semifinal Sarmiento Cup (Subsidiary): La Irenita vs La Natividad Monjitas

4pm, Semifinal Tortugas Open: Ellerstina vs RS Murus Sanctus 


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