Urban Polo set to stay at Auckland’s Domain following successful weekend

Already one of the city’s hottest events, the Urban Polo has solidified itself a spot at the Auckland Domain.

Around 3500 people attended the event at the weekend as it was hosted at the Domain for the first time.

Urban Polo founder Simon Wilson said the positive response has been overwhelming.

“We just played polo in a volcano and that’s the first time horses have been back in the Domain since 1901,” Wilson said. “It’s probably the best event our company has ever done.

“The council have been amazing and we handed the field back in perfect condition. It’s now going to become a fixture every year there.”

Bringing the game into the city was initially aimed at getting the crowd closer to the action and more involved with the event.

With polo traditionally played in the countryside, on fields 10 acres large, the Domain provided a unique setting for spectators.

Wilson said it played a key role in the event’s overall success.

“There were definitely people sitting up on the hills watching the event which is cool,” he said. “Now that it’s been at the Domain, people have seen where it is.

“The event that we put on is nothing without the people that come – and the amazing people that come make it very special.”

Auckland’s event closed a successful trifecta with last month’s Urban Polo mix in Singapore and Christchurch.

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