USPA Outdoor Rules Changes

Alterations to USPA outdoor rules
The USPA has announced changes to their outdoor rules. The 2020 USPA Outdoor Rules will replace the 2019 USPA Outdoor Rules and 2019 USPA International Rules, by combining the two into a single set. Furthermore, the new rule format will enable the host tournament committees of events with a handicap higher than 8 goals to choose how to enforce the rules, i.e. enabling tournaments to be played under an ‘international rule’ umbrella (with rules similar to those of the AAP and HPA).

Further to this change in logistics, there are also changes to the following subsections;Rule Two – Players, Rule Four – Equipment, Rule Five – Mounts, Rule Seven – Host Tournament Committee, Rule Eight – Umpires & Referees, Rule 14 – Duration of Periods, Rule 16 – Games, Rule 17 – Round Robins, Rule 20 – How Play Commences, Rule 21 – How Play is Interrupted, Rule 22 – How Play is Resumed, Rule 24 – Right of Way, Rule 26 – Dangerous Riding, Rule 33 – Unsportsmanlike Conduct and Rule 36 ­– Penalty Procedures & Violations.

For more information, please visit the USPA website here.

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