VAS Gold Cup final LIVE on PoloLine.Tv: Nautor´s Swan vs Cassiopeia

Sunday will mark the final day of the VAS Gold Cup between Nautor´s Swan and Cassiopeia. The Tournament is being held in the beautiful area of Toscana, Italy, at Villa a Sesta Polo Club.

The final of the VAS Gold Cup will be streamed LIVE on PoloLine.Tv through this link.


NAUTOR’S SWAN: Ginevra Visconti 0, Jeanine Hugo Menendez 1, Bautista Fanelli 3, Eduardo Menendez 5. Total: 9. 

CASSIOPEIA: Eduardo Menendez (h) 1, Segundo Condesse 3, Fernando Miño 5, Robert Szucs 0. Total: 9.

Location: Villa A Sesta Polo Club, Field #2.


1:30PM (Italy – local time)

12:30PM (UK)

7:30AM (US Eastern time)

8:30AM (Argentina)

3:30PM (UAE)

6:30PM (Thailand)

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