VAS Gold Cup: Villa A Sesta/Legacy secures debut win

The Villa A Sesta Gold Cup kicked off on Thursday at Villa A Sesta Polo Club, in Tuscany, Italy. Five 10-goal teams are competing in the tournament, which is being covered by Pololine and Pololine TV. The final, due next Sunday, will be streamed live on Pololine TV.

Day one, which went ahead after field two received 60mm of heavy rainfall, saw Legacy defeat Cassiopeia by 9 goals to 8, thanks to a goal scored by Frankie Menéndez in extra chukker. 


VILLA A SESTA/LEGACY: Andrea Moretti 0, Francisco Menendez 6, Tommy Astelarra 3, Cedric Schweri 0. Total: 9.

CASSIOPEIA: Eduardo Menendez Jr. 1, Segundo Condesse 3, Fernando Miño 5, Robert Szucs 0. Total: 9.


LOS SANTOS: Renate Seidler 0, Helmut Wieser 0, Santi Marambio 6, Nacho Brunetti 3. Total: 9.

NAUTOR’S SWAN: Ginevra Visconti 0, Jeanine Hugo Menendez 1, Eduardo Menendez 5, Bautista Fanelli 3. Total: 9. 

LOS ABOGADOS: Felipe Dana 0, Martin Magal 0, Felix Beguerie 5, Patricio Rattagan 4. Total: 9.

The VAS Gold Cup resumes on Friday:

3pm: Villa A Sesta/Legacy vs Los Santos

4pm: Nautor’s Swan vs Los Abogados 

VAS GOLD CUP: Fixture & Teams

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