Victrix Ludorum: Eight Teams to compete at Black Bears Women’s Tournament

As the Prince of Wales Trophy heats up, other tournaments are also preparing to kick off in England. Women’s polo is set to come back with a new edition of the Victrix Ludorum circuit, comprised of seven competitions hosted at different clubs throughout the United Kingdom. 

The first challenge is the Black Bears Women’s Tournament, set to start on Tuesday. Eight teams up to 18-goals will be fighting for the title, with the finals scheduled for Sunday, June 28.

Fixture – First Matches:

Tuesday, June 23rd:

12:30pm: Park Place v Tex8n

Wednesday, 24th:

12pm: MJVH Polo v Pro-Fit

Thursday 25th:

11am: Coombe Place v Tarantula

Friday 26th:

12pm: Pink Power v Rex Homes


COOMBE PLACE: Brigitte Boher 1, Daisy Hatfield 3, Lottie Lamacraft 7, Sarah Wiseman 7. Total: 18.

PARK PLACE: Varvara Borodina -1, Cata Lavinia 3, Lia Salvo 8, Milly Hine 6. Total: 16.

TARANTULA: Kristina Karailieva 3, Robyn Evans 3, Rosanna Turk 5, Heloise Wilson-Smith 6. Total: 17.

PINK POWER: Mandie Beitner 1, Alex Jacob 5, Bryony Taylor 6, Kirstie Otamendi 5. Total: 17.

MJVH POLO: Emily Johnson 1, Steph Haverals 4, Alicia woods 2, Nina Clarkin 10. Total: 17.

REX HOMES: Clare Hocking 1, Emma Sanderson 4, Lucy Coddington 6, Rosie Ross 6. Total: 17.

TEX8N: Mindy Byrne 2, Beanie Bradley 3, Emma Wood 6, Tamara Fox 7. Total: 18.

PRO-FIT: Nicola Neal-Hodges 2, Holly Butler 4, Kirstie McBride 4, Rebecca Walters 6. Total: 16.


– Black Bears Women’s Tournament (18 goals): June 23-28.

– Knepp Castle International Ladies Tournament (15-18 & 8-12 goals): July 1-5.

– BRITISH LADIES OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP (Cowdray Park Polo Club, 6-12 & 12-18 goals): July 7-18.

– The Ladies 18-Goal (Cirencester Park Polo Club, 8-12 & 12-18 goals): July 21-August 1.

– Ladies Polo Festival (Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club, 12-18 goals): August 10-16.

– Guards Ladies Charity Polo (Guards Polo Club,12-18 goals): August 18-29.

– Beaufort Ladies Tournament (Beaufort Polo Club, 8-12 & 12-18 goals): September 1-13.

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