Victrix Ludorum: second stage kicks off at Knepp Castle

The Knepp Castle Ladies Tournament, second of seven competitions of the Victrix Ludorum 18-goal Tour 2020, will kick off on July 2 to 5th at Knepp Castle Polo Club. The Victrix Ludorum circuit is hosted at different clubs throughout the United Kingdom.

Six teams will participate in the second stage of the ladies´circuit.


  • MJVH: Nina Clarkin 10, Alicia Woods 2, Emily Johnson  2, Steph Haverals 4
  • Coombe Place: Lottie Lamacraft 7, Sarah Wiseman 7, Brigitte Boher 1, Daisy Hatfield 3
  • Pro Fit: Rebecca Walters 6, Robyn Evans 3, Rosanna Turk 5, Kirstie McBride 4
  • Rhone Hill: Jemima Heffron 1, Beanie Brandley 3, Emma Tomlinson 6, Tamara Fox 7
  • Iona House Gallery: Jayne Rumsay 2, Alice Gipps 4, Heloise Wilson-Smith 6, Bryony Taylor 6
  • Knighton: Rosei Lawrence 1, Katie Vickery 4, Claire Brougham 5, Rosie Ross 6

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