Victrix Ludorum set to host fourth season

The world of polo is going through an exciting time in this very moment since the HPA announced on Friday an updated calendar with the intention of starting to play mid June. And of course men’s polo won’t be alone in this. Women’s polo continues to grow around the world, more and more tournaments are developing while many others have now become an established part of the international polo circuit. This year will mark the fourth time England will host the Victrix Ludorum, a series of seven female tournaments for 18-goal teams (ladies handicap) with some of them also hosting 12-goal competitions simultaneously.

The clubs which will be hosting the 2020 Victrix Ludorum are: Black Bears, Knepp Castle, Cowdray Park, Cirencester Park, Beaufort, Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club and Guards.


Black Bears Women’s Tournament (18 Goals): June 15-28.

Knepp Castle International Ladies Tournament (15-18 & 8-12 Goals): July 1-5.

-BRITISH LADIES OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP (Cowdray Park Polo Club, 12-18 Goals): July 6-18.

-British Ladies Handicap Championship (Cowdray Park Polo Club, 6-12 Goals): July 6-18.

-The Ladies 18-Goal (Cirencester Park Polo Club, 12-18 Goals): July 20 – August 1.

-Ladies 12-Goal (Cirencester Park Polo Club, 8-12 Goals): July 31 – August 2.

-Beaufort Ladies Tournament (Beaufort Polo Club, 12-18 Goals): July 27 – August 8.

-Ladies 8-12 Tournament (Beaufort Polo Club, 8-12 Goals): July 27 – August 8.

-Ladies Polo Festival (Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club, 12-18 Goals): August 10-16.

-Guards Ladies Charity Polo (Guards Polo Club,12-18 Goals): August 17-29.

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