Victrix Ludorum’s fifth stage underway at Berkshire Polo Club

The fourth edition of the Victrix Ludorum Tour is in full flow. As of last week, the Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club is hosting the fifth stage of the Tour, following the tournaments hosted at Black Bears, Knepp Castle, Cowdray Park and Cirencester. Six teams, up to 18 goals, are competing for the title.

The finals are scheduled for Sunday, August 16th.


Cadence 7-6 MJVH Polo

Coombe Place 1-6 Monterosso Vikings

MJVH Polo 7-4.5 Claremont Family Office

Los Quirones 4.5-11 Monterosso Vikings

The Polo Festival Victrix Ludorum Ladies, played at Berkshire Polo Club, continues on Monday:

3pm: Coombe Place vs Los Quirones 



Claremont Family Office: Lucy Bowman 4, Candelaria Fernández Araujo 8, Kristina Karailieva 3, Sammy Luff 2.

Los Quirones: Bryony Taylor 6, Isabel Milojevic 0, Ginevra d’Orazio 6, Alice Gipps 4.

MJVH Polo: Nina Clarkin 10, Stephanie Haverhals 4, Alicia Woods 2, Emily Johnson 2.

Monterosso Vikings: Hazel Jackson 9, Siri Bazzoni 2, Emma Boers 5, Kayley Smith 2.

Cadence: Lia Salvo 8, Millie Hine 6, Olivia Jauretche 2, Elodie Avarguez 2.

Coombe Place: Lottie Lamacraft 7, Sarah Wiseman 7, Brigitte Boher 1, Daisy Hatfield 3.

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