Women’s French Open Underway


Wins for Maison Décalé & DS Automobile DS Store St Maximin

 While the mixed French Open is reaching its peak, with the Semi Finals being decided tonight, the Women’s French Open began yesterday, Tuesday 15 September, with two matches. In the first match of the tournament Maison Décalé were the first to gain a win, with a strong 10-2½ defeat of Hyatt Regency Chantilly. Maison Décalé’s strength came from having the three Vernot sisters all on the same team, ably supported by Caroline Anier. With just four teams entered in this year’s competition, judging by form and handicap Maison Décalé’s toughest opponents will be DS Automobile DS Store St Maximin, who dominated against Engel & Volkers in the second match of the day with a 7-4 win; partially thanks to the skill of Lia Salvo. Lia Salvo and Caroline Anier will face each other on Thursday 17 September, which may well be a rehearsal of the Final on Sunday 20 September. 

Women’s French Open Teams:Maison Décalé (16): Pearl Venot (3), Lucie Vernot (3), Elena Venot (6) & Caroline Anier (4)

DS Automobile DS Store St Maximin (15): Pauline Schaer (1), Marguax Perruchot (2), Lia Salvo (9) & Adèle Renauldon (3)

Engel & Volkers (12): Lavinia Fabre (3), Clarissa Marggraf (3), Chloé Sebban (3) & Agathe Mobian (2)

Hyatt Regency Chantilly (12): Fabienne Last (0), Noami Schroeder (4), Maike Hoelty (3) & Svenja Hoelty (3)

 Photograph: The Women’s French Open began yesterday with two high scoring matches. By ©AdRe

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