10 goal superstars: Barto Camilo & Polito go up in handicap

On Sunday, December 12, after final that marked the end of the season in Argentina, the Argentine Association of Polo announced handicap changes. Following La Natividad’s epic victory at the Argentine Open, Barto and Camilo Castagnola, and Polito Pieres, were awarded 10 goals. This meant that, at eighteen, Camilo “Jeta” Castagnola became the youngest 10-goaler in history.


8 to 9:
Alfredo Bigatti & Poroto Cambiaso

7 to 8:

Rufino Bensadón, Facundo & Tomás Fernández Llorente.

6 to 8:

Tomás Panelo.

6 to 7:

Facundo Llosa.


10 to 9:

Sapo Caset & Hilario Ulloa.

9 to 8:

Diego Cavanagh & Facundo Sola.

7 to 6:

James Beim, Manuel Crespo, Lucas Criado, Nicolás Espaín, Marcos Di Paola, Pepe Heguy, Bautista Heguy, Eduardo Heguy, Marcos Heguy, Matías Mac Donough, Jack Richardson, Rodrigo Rueda.

The AAP also announced the changes for players under 6-goal players on Monday, December 13, after the meeting of the Board of Directors, presided over by Delfín Uranga. The most significant changes relate to:

5 to 6:

Cruz Heguy, Lucas Monteverde Jr. Gerónimo Obregón.

4 to 6:

Mackenzie Weisz.

4 to 5:

Antonio Heguy & Lucas Criado Jr.

0 to 2:

Candelaria and Milagros Fernández Araujo.

See the complete list HERE.

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