2020 USPA Gold Cup Semi Final Today

Pandemic-postponed tournament resumes
Today, Wednesday 10 February, 332 days after the tournament was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 USPA Gold Cup will resume at International Polo Club, Palm Beach, with the Semi Finals. Daily Racing Form, Las Monjitas, La Indiana, and Pilot will compete in today’s Semi Finals, although Daily Racing Form are the only team returning with the same line-up as 2020. Las Monjitas returns with a totally different set of players which now includes the two 10 goal powerhouses, Pablo MacDonough and Juan Martín Nero, while Pilot (who claimed the title in 2019 and were the only undefeated team of the 2020 tournament) will see Keko Magrini replace Luis Escobar, and La Indiana’s line-up now features Nico Escobar instead of Esteban Panelo. The first match of the day will be between Daily Racing Form and Las Monjitas (10am local time) and Pilot vs La Indiana later in the day (3pm local time), with the Final of the 2020 USPA Gold Cup will be played this weekend on Sunday 14 February. 

All of the matches can be viewed via Global Polo here

USPA Gold Cup 2020 Semi Final Teams:

Daily Racing Form (22): Jared Zenni (6), Agustin Obregon (6), Costi Caset (5) & Tommy Collingwood (5)

Las Monjitas (22): Melissa Ganzi (0), Marc Ganzi (2), Pablo Mac Donough (10) & Juan Martín Nero (10)

 Pilot (22): Curtis Pilot (0), Keko Magrini (2), Gonzalito Pieres (10) & Facundo Pieres (10)

 La Indiana (22): Nico Escobar (4), Jeff Hall (6), Polito Pieres (10) & Michael Bickford (2) 

Photograph: Pilot are the only undefeated 2020 finalist. By ©Alex Pacheco 

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