SANTA BARBARA, CA. (August 29th, 2021) – After two thrilling semi-finals, Klentner Ranch and BenSoleimani.com became the two final teams for the 2021 Pacific Coast Open. Both the stadium side of the US Polo Assn. Stadium Field and the tailgating side of the main field were packed with eager fans awaiting the action. The match did not disappoint with both teams giving an all out effort to secure the title of 2021 Pacific Coast Open Champion.

Klentner Ranch came into the final with a line-up change due to an injury in the semi-finals, resulting in Tomas Garcia Del Rio taking the reins for Santiago Toccalino. Despite the new team dynamic, Klentner Ranch cut right to the chase, starting the first chukker up three to nothing for BenSoleimani.com.

BenSoleimani.com picked it up a bit in the second chukker to slow Klentner Ranch’s lead. This chukker saw defense as the dominating strategy, with only one goal scored off a penalty the whole chukker. Tomas Garcia Del Rio converted this penalty to end the second chukker 4-0 for Klentner Ranch.

The tide turned as BenSoleimani.com managed to put their first two goals on the board in the third chukker. Klentner Ranch maintained their style of play, capitalizing on BenSoleimani.com fouls and converting two more penalties of their own. This ended the third chukker 6-2 for Klentner Ranch.

The fourth chukker saw a battle between teams, BenSoleimani.com came alive and put a few more goals up on the board. Klentner Ranch returned the favor with one field goal from Jesse Bray. However, Santi Wulff stole the show for the chukker by putting in an unreal open back shot with a 90 degree angle into the goal. The chukker finished at a closer score of 7-5.

BenSoleimani.com utilized Tommy Alberdi’s accurate shot to convert four penalties throughout the fifth and the sixth chukker. This effort brought BenSoleimani.com within one goal with a minute left, but Jesse Bray grabbed the ball out of bowl-in and ran it in to score as time ran out to secure the victory for Klentner Ranch with a final score of 11-9.

This victory marked the third high goal title for Klentner Ranch, as they secured the USPA FMB Silver Cup and Robert Skene Memorial earlier in the season. Jesse Bray was awarded the Most Valuable Player for his consistent and impressive plays. Jesse Bray’s famous grey mare, Disney, was selected as the Best Playing Pony. The Best Argentine Bred horse in the match was Machitos Abeja, owned by Ben Soleimani and played by Inaki Laprida. Santiago Toccalino was awarded the 2021 Robert Skene Season MVP Bronze for his dominating performance throughout the season. The award for best overall string of horses went to Jesse Bray.

The Santa Barbara Polo Club thanks its sponsors, fans, players, and all additional supporters for an amazing high goal season.

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Photos: ©David Lominska

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