AAP have broadened the handicap range.

The Argentine Association of Polo (AAP) have broadened the handicap range. Handicaps will now start from -2 and -1. These changes will come into effect in the 2021 Argentine Spring Season.

This change aims to attract more polo players, opening opportunities for them to join lineups.

“It is about a new range of individual rates,” explained Marcos Aldao, AAP Operations Manager. “This range will start at -2 and go up to 10 goals. This decision has been taken to create a fairer base for individual rates. There are a large amount of 0-goal players, which makes the sport an unbalanced competition, and sometimes increases risks, as not all 0-goalers play on the same level. As a result, in doing this we believe that lower rated players will play an important role when it comes to choosing teams.”  

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