AAP Raise Four Players’ Handicaps

Unscheduled raises for Hine & Escobar brothers
The Argentine Polo Association (AAP) has decided to modify the handicaps of Nico and Lucas Escobar and Ned and Louis Hine in an unscheduled handicap raise. As of Tuesday 9 November, the handicaps of these players will be:Lucas Escobar: 3 goalsNico Escobar: 4 goalsNed Hine: 4 goalsLouis Hine: 3 goals

These modifications do not alter in any way their participation in official competitions where they are already registered for more than the total group handicap of the team exceeds the maximum of the tournament in question. These four players will not be affected by their participation in future official competitions that they decide to participate in this season. This will be accepted when the team exceeds the maximum of each tournament only by the same difference of the increase suffered by each player. 

Photograph: The Hine & Escobar brothers’ handicaps have been raised. By AAP

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