Annual Royal Polo Day aims to revive tourism industry in North West

The Royal Polo Day event. 

South African artists say they have suffered huge financial setbacks since the outbreak of COVID-19 and had to come up with alternative ways to make a living.

They were attending the first annual Royal Polo Day held in Rustenburg, North West. The purpose of the event is to help revive the tourism industry in the province.

A polo game to start the event that was graced by celebrities from across the country. With the sharp increase in COVID-19 infections in the past few days, there are worries that events such as these could become super-spreaders.

But, organisers say they have made sure to comply with COVID-19 regulations and hope that the event will help revive the tourism industry in the province. Event organiser Tokoloho Ramapepe says it’s been difficult for many companies.

“We really have been in a pandemic as an events company and it’s been difficult for us for many companies. So how can we resuscitate the industry, our entertainment industry and we thought this will make a great way to start.”

It has been a difficult time for artists, who had to find alternative ways of making a living. Here are what some of the artists had to say.

“The COVID-19 has taught us now to be multi-talented. It means now you can actually exploit other skills.”

“I sell suits and people wear them to events and work but sometimes when you go to level 4 or 5 everything goes on a standstill and affects how you want to run your business.”

“This relief funds for artists. I don’t remember any comedian receiving such money and it’s been more than a year without an income. But it shows that in life you must have a side hustle.”

According to the MEC of Sport Arts and Culture, Tsotso Tlhapi, the event holds huge benefits for the local economy.

“Around here there are so many guest houses, there are so many restaurants which I think they will benefit from this event. So the province is very happy for having such a huge event for the first time during COVID-19.”

The event will be held in Rustenburg for the next three years.

Royal Polo Day event to help revive tourism industry: 

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