Arena Penalty 2 Rule

See in bold below the addition to Arena Rule 9. a. Penalty 2.:

A free hit at the ball by the team fouled from a spot 15 yards in front of the mouth of the goal undefended by the fouling team, all players to be behind the point from where the free hit is made until the ball is hit or hit at except one ‘defender’ to be within the 15 yard line however not between the ball and the goal. No player shall be within 10 yards of the player making a hit; the ball must travel 5 yards forward when hit. Play shall continue in the event that a goal is scored or not by the ‘defender’ making the next play. No player to be nearer the ball than 10 yards until the ‘defender’ has hit or hit at the ball. 

The team fouled has the option to bring this penalty back to a penalty 4. If a goal is scored as a result of this penalty two points shall be awarded.

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