Argentine Triple Crown: AAP reveal scoring system for 2021 Championship

Following the announcement made by the Argentine Association of Polo regarding how the zones for the 2021 Argentine Triple Crown will be put together, the governing body of polo in Argentina has now unveiled the scoring system to be used in the upcoming Argentine high goal season.

These are the most important points on the issue:

  1. The three tournaments that compose the Triple Crown – Tortugas Open, Hurlingham Open and Argentine Open – will award points. 
  2. The winner of each game will be awarded 200 points.
  3. The finalists of each tournament will be awarded 200 extra points. 
  4. The winner of each game of the Subsidiary Trophy will be awarded 100 points. 
  5. The Subsidiary Trophy runner up will be awarded 100 extra points. 
  6. Each team will be awarded 4 points per goal scored.
  7. Qualification: Teams that enter the 128th Argentine Open from the Qualification tournament will start the tournament with the same number of points as those ranked last after the Hurlingham Open.
  8. Cámara de Diputados Cup: The winner will be awarded 200 points; the runner up, 100; and the two semifinalists, 40 each.
  9. Playoff: If the winner of the Cámara wins the playoff, they will keep the 200 points already obtained, or eventually, they will be awarded the same number of points as their defeated contender – whichever is the highest of the two.
  10. Individual scoring: 25% of the team’s points will be given to each existing player. Eventually, substitutes could also be awarded points.

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