Barry’s-BN2 win Lahore Open Polo Championship

LAHORE: Barry’s-BN2 lifted the Lahore Open Polo Championship trophy after defeating Remounts by 6-5 in the main final at the Lahore Polo Club Ground here on Sunday. Both the teams were strong enough to give tough time to each other and fought hard till the end. And when the final whistle was blown at the end of the fourth chukker, the score was 4-4.

The match was then decided in the sudden death chukker, where once again a tough fight was witnessed before Ernesto Trotz smashing in the match-winning goal for Barry’s-BN2 to claim the coveted trophy. Ernesto Oscar Trotz was the hero of the final as he played superb polo with quality horse and mallet work and fired in fabulous four goals from the winning side. The other key contributors from team Barry’s-BN2 were Hamza Mawaz Khan and Babar Naseem, who added one goal apiece in the total tally.

The players of team Remounts also did well with pony and mallet and inspired with their convincing performances but they failed to finish the match in their team’s favour. Imran Shahid was top scorer from the losing side with a contribution of two goals while Muhammad Naeem, Raja Temur Nadeem and Babar Naseem pumped in one goal each. Imran Shahid was declared as the best player of the main final while veteran shinning star Raja Sami Ullah of HN earned the honour of smashing maximum goals in the tournament and the best pony of the final was Feberota of Team Barry’s-BN2.

Earlier in the subsidiary final, Diamond Paints-Sheikhoo Steel defeated Coca Cola by a narrow margin of 7-6. Surprisingly, the subsidiary final also completed in the sudden death chukker. Andres Llorente emerged as top scorer with three goals while Saqib Khan Khakwani banged in a brace and Mir Huzaifa Ahmed and Osman Aziz Anwar struck one goal each. From the losing side, Tomas Reinoso cracked a quartet while Waqas Khan and Abbas Mukhtar scored one goal apiece.

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