Ben Dre and Lamar Win the Al Habtoor Celebration of the Polo League

Bin Dre beat Mahra 5-4 in their first match in the Al Habtoor Club’s celebration of the monthly Polo League (5 Joules), to continue its strong performances after winning three championships, starting with the Expo 2020 Cup, the National Day Championship and then the Championship Winston Churchill Cup 2021.

In the second match, which witnessed 14 goals, the “Lamar” team, led by Mohammed bin Khaled, managed to defeat its rival Sarissa 9-5 after a match in which the Lamar team was condemned, thanks to the cooperation of the duo Mohammed bin Khaled and Thomas Ariarty.

With this result, the Lamar team will meet tomorrow with Mahra, while the tournament will conclude next Saturday afternoon, where the winner of the two teams will play for the championship cup, and the winner of the match between Ben Dre and Sarissa.

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